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10 Best Winter Gloves For Men Who Want Cozy & Warm Hands

A quality pair of winter gloves will not only keep your hands warm when the temperature begins to drop but also will complement your daily life and style.

Whether you are looking for ultimate warmth, increased mobility, or even a touchscreen-compatible fingertip, we think you’ll love some of the winter gloves we picked out for you below.

Let’s take a look:

The Best Winter Gloves for Men Reviewed

1. Warmest Winter Gloves for Men: Burton Gore-Tex Glove with Down Insulation

By far the warmest option, these Burton Gore-Tex Gloves are filled with responsible standard down that provides exceptional warmth. They’re also made from two-layer Dryride fabric, making them waterproof as well. These gloves are tech compatible and offer low-bulk warmth thanks to their Thermacore insulation. They even have a pocket to add a disposable hand warmer.  All this functionality comes towards the top of our price range, however.


  • Iconic, stylish name
  • Incredibly warm
  • Machine washable


  • Pricey
  • Not for formal wear

What You Need To Know

Burton’s Gore-Tex Gloves provide great warmth and utility. If you need warmth, these are worth the investment.

2. Best for Winter Work: Give’r 4 Season Gloves

The Give’r 4 Season Glove is our choice for best work glove and doesn’t lose any points on the style front either. With a heavy-duty waterproof waxed leather exterior in a gorgeous walnut brown, yellow, or white color, these gloves allow you to get work done without sacrificing your digits. Thinsulate lining and insultations help keep the heat in, while a Hipora membrane allows some breathability. Perfect for everything from cutting down trees to snowboarding, these come in smack in the middle of our price range.


  • Waterproof and durable
  • Available in three colors
  • Well-priced for a highly durable glove


  • Logo is rather large
  • Would’ve liked to see reinforced palm area

What You Need To Know

If you’re okay with the logo on the top of your hand, this glove is perfect for getting the job done and keeping the winter winds at bay.

3. Best Mobility: Upstate Stock Full Finger Mélange Wool Glove

Made in the USA, these Upstate Stock Mélange Wool Gloves are perfect for working around the cabin and keeping your hands warm. The non-slip deerskin palm panels ensure that what you’re holding stays firmly in place, while the Ragg wool’s blended nylon provides durability.

Wool also naturally wicks moisture away from your body – while they’re not waterproof gloves, they’ll keep dry hands even drier than if another fabric like fleece or cotton. In addition to working, these gloves are great for wear on your commute or even out and about for the evening.


  • Versatile for both day work and evening wear
  • Strong reinforced palm pads
  • Wool is naturally moisture wicking
  • Great choice for mild winter days


  • Available only in black and blue
  • Not water resistant
  • Not touchscreen compatible

What You Need To Know

Despite their lack of water resistance, these are the most flexible winter gloves we could find. They provide great warmth and excellent style while still allowing you to get work done if need be. While the wool will keep your hands warm, the lack of an additional insulating layer may prove inadequate on cold weather days.

4. Most Stylish Winter Gloves for Men: Hestra Men’s Deerkskin Winter Gloves

Hestra has been making gloves and nothing but gloves since 1936. They make both dress and work gloves and have a strong line of alpine skiing pieces. These Hestra gloves feature supple deerskin leather that keeps your hands protected while offering a touch of style that should last you for several seasons.

The elastic wristband keeps the elements from getting in, and the subtle lines add a touch of design and luxury. The interior lining is made from quality boa fleece which will feel comfortable on your hands.

Given that these are more of a luxury pick, the cut is moderate and doesn’t extend too far up the wrist.  Therefore, it’s best pair this with a longer cuff on your winter jacket for adequate warmth.

Available in three colors and at the top of our price range, these gloves are perfect for dressier occasions.


  • Expertly made in Sweden
  • Nappa leather is soft but reliable
  • Wool and nylon lining means warmth


  • Expensive
  • Can run slightly large
  • Not touchscreen compatible

What You Need To Know

Perfect to give a subtle sense of style; these Hestra gloves offer warmth and soft, supple leather. If you want to invest in the most stylish of gloves, these are the ones for you.

5. Best for Golfing: Callaway Golf Men’s Winter Golf Gloves

Callaway knows that golf season doesn’t end when the weather turns. After all, it’s cheaper in the cool months. The Callaway Winter Golf Gloves provide great protection from the elements without sacrificing needed grip on your clubs.

They’re at the very bottom of our price range and feature the Callaway OptiShield to keep the wind and water off your hands. If you’re looking for warmth, this isn’t going to be the glove for you, but if you need to hit the links and still want to grip your clubs, these Callaway gloves are the answer.


  • Warmth and grip combined for a great feel
  • The exterior is water-resistant
  • Comes with left and right (not common with golf gloves)


  • Reviewers report that construction leaves something to be desired
  • Only usable on the golf course

What You Need To Know

Callaway knows golf, and these gloves were specifically designed to extend your season. Ensure you get the right size to avoid some of the construction issues.

6. 100% Leather: Barbour Leather Men’s Winter Gloves

Barbour has been making great men’s clothes for a century or so, and their gloves take advantage of this pedigree. Available in black, these leather gloves are fleece lined with a synthetic polyester that offers superior warmth whether you’re hiking in the countryside or commuting in the city. The tough durability of the exterior leather shell will ensure that this glove can last for several seasons while still looking great.

The buckle strap provides a nice touch of style, and the cuffed bottom keeps the elements out around your wrist. They’re also plain enough that they can be worn almost everywhere, and at the middle to upper end of our price range, that versatility is a great investment.


  • Highly versatile design
  • Leather and fleece
  • Buckle for added style
  • Should keep hands warm for hours


  • Not weather resistant
  • No etip or touchscreen features

What You Need To Know

Leather and fleece make a great pair, and Barbour’s gloves prove that out. While not waterproof insulated, the leather exterior should easily resist wind – making them a great pick for cold-weather wear.

7. Waterproof: The North Face Montana E-Tip Men’s Winter Gloves

Waterproof can be as important as warmth in gloves, and the North Face Montana E-Tip delivers. These gloves feature a full-length gauntlet to cover all the way up to your wrist.

Relying on a waterproof insert – water will be impenetrable.

While most thick waterproof gloves must compromise on dexterity, these gloves are extremely flexible and shouldn’t prohibit the natural movement of your hands.

Unlike many waterproof gloves that may trap too much heat, they are breathable to ensure that sweat doesn’t build up thanks to the patented HyVent exterior (made from nylon dobby).

They’re insulated all the way around with 150g to 250g Heatseeker insulation. In the middle part of our price range, they’re affordable as well.


  • Waterproof to the extreme
  • Compatible with electronics
  • Full gauntlet covers up to the wrist


  • A lot of glove for a very specific wearer only

What You Need To Know

While these gloves were designed for skiing, the waterproof insulated design will keep moisture out while allowing for breathability for your hands. The synthetic nylon fabric improves durability over natural materials and should keep your hands warm for hours on end.

8. Affordable: Achiou Winter Knit Gloves

Sometimes you need some gloves on a budget, and the Achiou Winter Knit is the answer. Available in six different colors and lined with soft synthetic fiber, these gloves will keep your hands toasty on a budget. The fingers also feature touchscreen-compatible materials, allowing you to stay connected. At the absolute bottom end of our price range, these gloves may not be a long-term solution if you are in the cold weather for extended periods of time, given their lack of insulation liner.


  • Inexpensive
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Usable with touchscreens
  • Terrific dexterity for your fingers


  • Construction may not be up to snuff
  • Not the best on really cold weather

What You Need To Know

These gloves will keep your hands warmer than wearing no gloves at all and will certainly be some of the cheapest you find. You may need to upgrade next season, but these are great for casual wear and some minor protection during mild winter conditions.

10. Electric Heated: Savior Heat Electric Heated Men’s Winter Gloves

They may seem a bit gimmicky, but the Savior Heated Electric gloves will keep your hands warm in the winter months. Featuring a lambskin and polyester exterior, these gloves are waterproof and incredibly warm in and of themselves. Add to that 2200 mAh rechargeable batteries, with heating areas on the tops of your hands and fingers, and you’ve got yourself a great pair of gloves. With three temperature settings and up to four hours of battery life, you’ll stay toasty.

When these gloves don’t have the power running, the warm fleece liner will do a terrific job at keeping your hands plenty warm if the winter conditions are severe.

Above the fleece lining and heat pad, this glove relies on cotton insulation.  While not nearly as warm as other insulators, it should suffice for harsh cold weather.


  • Heated gloves perfect for severe cold weather
  • Made from synthetic materials for warmth and waterproof
  • Full length to cover your wrist


  • Not stylish compared to others
  • Some reviewers question construction quality

What You Need To Know

These aren’t stylish, and they seem a little gimmicky, but if you struggle with cold hands, you really can’t beat a pair of gloves with a heater built right in. Great when on extended hikes or skiing.

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