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Best Men’s Suspenders (Dress & Work)

Suspenders are a great way to not only amp up your style but also provide some much-needed support for your pants.

Whether you plan on partying till the late hours at your friend or relatives wedding, or are simply looking for some required support for work, below we will be reviewing a wide variety of suspenders, which we think, will meet your unique needs.

In addition to providing in-depth reviews from all the best suspender brands, we will also be sharing with you a few things to look out for when purchasing a pair of suspenders.

Let’s dive in.

5 Tips on Buying Suspenders

1. Intent

Where do you intend on wearing your suspenders? There are different types for different occasions. Consider the following:

  • Dress Suspenders:  Made from nicer materials to give a put-together look. Most commonly used for the workplace, weddings, and formal events.
  • Casual Suspenders: Can be worn for style or function.  The right pair can add a new dimension to your overall style.
  • Work Suspenders: Made for utility and often contains several pockets.  Wider straps for additional comfort.

2. Attachment Method

Suspenders will either be attached via a hook, clip, or button.  You can wear hooks and clips with any pant style as they attach to the belt loop.  Button suspenders require that the pants have holes specially made for suspenders.

3. Material

There are a few different materials used for making suspenders.  Here’s what they are:

  • Leather:  Available in many different grades, including full-grain, top-grain, or genuine.  Full and top-grain leather will last for several years.  Genuine leather is a poor grade and is susceptible to cracking – avoid genuine leather if you plan to wear the suspenders frequently.
  • Canvas: Adds a casual and natural look to your style.  100% canvas isn’t stretchy and requires you to fine-tune the adjustment for a secure fit.
  • Elastic: Stretchable and easily bends with your body, making it one of the most comfortable materials for a suspender.  With continued use, elastic can stretch out.

4. Suspender Width

Suspender width can vary between narrow, medium, and wide. Consider the following:

  • Narrow: Best for smart, casual, or trendy settings, such as a Saturday date night with your significant other.
  • Medium: Best for formal occasions. These are most commonly used for weddings, funerals, and galas.
  • Wide: Favored for work or casual use due to increased comfort by displacing weight.

5. Strap Shape

When looking at the strap shape, take note of the three options:

  • X-Type:  This is for casual or work wear. Provides a casual look while being supportive and appropriate for the workplace.
  • Y-Shape: Has narrower lines than the other two shapes and is most commonly used for dress wear.
  • H-Type: Only found in heavy-duty work suspenders.

The Best Men’s Dress Suspenders

1. Best Overall: Col. Littleton No.2 Men’s Suspenders

Col Littleton Suspenders

As Col. Littleton says, “You can’t make extraordinary leather products from less than extraordinary leather.” These leather suspenders are made with a lifetime warranty, a true testament to the company and its values. They are also made to be casual, making them the perfect suspenders to wear with jeans or khakis. These are great for men who want a high-quality pair of suspenders that transition easily between different outfits.

Col Littleton has been highly sought after for over thirty years and is a household name in the leather business. These suspenders are made with the brand’s vintage brown polished leather and paired with solid brass hardware. They sport an adjustable design, which is great for both tall or short men, and the solid brass hooks allow for 9 inches of adjustment to the straps on the front.

These No.2 Suspenders come with three suspender clasps that you can easily attach to your pants.

Other men have rated these suspenders as outstanding. Many loved the excellence behind both the materials used and the craftsmanship.


  • High quality
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Made from full-grain leather


  • Expensive

What You Need To Know

These suspenders are top-notch, high-quality suspenders that are perfect for the casual wearer. You can’t go wrong with your purchase, and their lifetime warranty will come in handy if need be.

2. Best for a Tuxedo: Nordstrom’s Men’s Tuxedo Suspenders

These narrow and classic suspenders by Nordstrom are perfect for men on a budget that still want to look great for a formal occasion – such as a black-tie event, wedding, or gala. Have an event or a formal night out? These are the suspenders you’ll want to go with.

These suspenders rely on a sleek satin design and are trimmed with finely classic leather. The elegant design is eye-catching, you will be looking like a million bucks, even though they are incredibly affordable!

While their distribution is a bit limited – sold only at Nordstrom – their free shipping/free return policy should make picking these up pretty effortless.  Other men found these suspenders are “excellent quality”, “elegant”, and “sharp”.


  • Inexpensive
  • Great for a fancy occasion
  • Perfect for men ready to party


  • Limited use

What You Need To Know

These suspenders by Nordstrom are great for a man on a budget, allowing you to look your best and not break the bank. The sleek satin design is sure to be a hit for any formal occasion.

3. Best for Big & Tall Guys: DXL X-Back Men’s Suspenders

The DXL X-Back Suspenders are made for men that want a quality and comfortable suspender for their naturally larger frame. Sometimes it can be hard for men who range into larger sizes to feel comfortable in what they wear, especially with suspenders. This pair from DXL will make take away the discomfort in wearing suspenders that are made for average men.

Made from 100% nylon (perfect stretch material!), these suspenders by DXL offer a fair bit of stretch and versatility thanks in part to the naturally flexible fabric coupled with the front adjusters. Made to work with men up to 6’1” tall – these suspenders should work well to provide just that little bit of extra support.

As far as color variety, these X-Back Suspenders come in two conservative (yet versatile) color choices: black or navy. Both black and navy are colors that you’ll be able to wear interchangeably with a great majority of outfit colors you have in your closet.

DXL brand provides one of the best selections of big and tall men’s XL clothing out on the market. They size up to 8X and waist size 72, a true benefit to larger men wanting to feel comfortable.

Other men share a common love for the product. Many say they are extremely comfortable while being supportive at the same time, something that can be hard to find.


  • Made for big and tall men
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Affordable


  • Sizing may not fit average men

What You Need To Know

The DXL X-Back Suspenders are perfect for the big and tall men who need a little extra stretch. These suspenders will give you the feeling of comfort while being supportive at the same time.

The Best Men’s Work Suspenders

4. Best Overall: Dickies Straight Clip Men’s Suspender

The Dickies Straight Clip Suspenders are high quality and heavy-duty; resulting in an eye-catching design while still being wearable. It’s a breath of fresh air to find a pair of suspenders that look expensive (but aren’t!) while still being wearable and comfortable, too.

These classic solid suspenders are elastic and have a great fit with four metal clips that will attach easily to any pants, jeans, or trousers. This is a great versatile pair that you will be able to wear interchangeably to work, around the house, or out with your spouse. They come in a variety of six colors, including neutrals that will complete almost any look. Having multiple color combinations is a great detail as you can choose what suits your wardrobe the best.

They were made with usability in mind, very customer-focused. If you need to make a midday adjustment, you can easily slide the two slide clips for further comfort; this feature is a game-changer! These suspenders are marketed as an ideal pair for work or to dress up a casual look. Big and Tall sizes are also available, making these suspenders a great option if necessary.

Other men have commented on what a great bang for their buck this pair is, as well as the heavy-duty feature to truly hold up well over time.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of colors
  • Durability is unmatced


  • May not hold up lightweight pants

What You Need To Know

These straight clip suspenders are not only high quality but also have a variety of color choices, making them a great option for a man who wants to feel supported while making a statement.

5. Best for Heavy Duty Work: Carhartt Men’s Utility Suspender

Carhartt is one of the most trusted brands for the workforce.

The Carhartt Men’s Utility Suspender is a versatile x-back suspender that is available in a wide array of 10 colors, perfect for men who like to change up their look. With 2-inch, heavy-duty, and elastic suspender straps – they will feel mighty comfortable given the greater distribution of pressure on your shoulders.

The adjustment piece sports the Carharrt logo and is chrome plated – a nice little detail that shares your sense of style.

These suspenders are made in the USA (a rarity in clothing brands these days) and are the perfect pair for heavy-duty use.


  • Variety of colors
  • Affordable
  • Made in USA


  • Potential clamping mechanism issue

What You Need To Know

The Carharrt Men’s Utility Suspenders are perfect for the working man. Their high quality, heavy-duty, and wearable design makes them perfect for those who need a great pair of well-made, long-lasting suspenders that won’t let them down.

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