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Best Cheap Blazers for Men Under $200 That Look Nice

There is no denying the fact that blazers are expensive.  When browsing the selection from any of the major brands, you’ll routinely see blazers that cost upwards of $800.  This can be frustrating, especially if it’s a blazer that you only intend to wear on occasion.

Today we’ll share with you some cheap blazers that will work nicely into your wardrobe and, more importantly, your budget. 

Let’s begin.

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1. Unstructured: J. Crew Ludlow Slim-fit Blazer

J. Crew Ludlow Slim-fit Blazer

Unstructured blazers are currently on-trend.  They allow men to showcase their bodies while still looking presentable.  At $199.99, the Ludlow slim-fit blazer by J. Crew is a steal.  The Ludlow features a wool shell that has been fully lined with a soft silk-like fabric.  You can wear the Ludlow blazer as part of a smart-casual outfit or to semi-formal gatherings.

Sizes are limited. However, a trip to your local tailor can serve you well if you want a perfect fit.  Currently, the blazer is available in both a classic navy and charcoal color.

Lastly, the unstructured shape of this blazer works well with a thin merino wool sweater.

Pro Tip: J. Crew often has sales on these blazers knocking the price down further.  So wait for a sale if you don’t need the blazer today.

Price: $199.99

2. Under $50: H&M Skinny Fit Blazer

H&M Skinny Fit Blazer

Fast-fashion retailer H&M regularly puts out good-looking clothes that are also quite affordable.  Their Skinny Fit Blazer is one such item that can easily work into any man’s wardrobe and budget.  Priced at $59.99, this off-the-rack blazer is available in seven classic colors along with regular and short sizes.

The blazer will retain a wrinkle-free appearance thanks to the reliance on artificial fabrics.  Lastly, it does have a touch of spandex for added comfort.

Price: $59.99

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3. For Big & Tall Guys: DXL Gold Series Perfect Fit AeroCool Blazer

DXL Gold Series Perfect Fit AeroCool Blazer

If you have a larger frame, consider this blazer by DXL that’ll compliment your body nicely.  The Gold Series AeroCool Blazer has a breathable comfort-centric design that looks nice. In addition, DXL added a touch of Spandex, allowing the fabric to have a slight bit of stretch.

Available in sizes 46 to 64 and in long, regular, and short lengths, you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit that’ll make you look dapper.  

Price: $178

4. Used Brooks Brothers Blazers

used brooks brothers blazers

Most Brooks Brothers blazers cost nearly $900, outside the budget for most men.  However, if you still want the Brooks Brothers name, consider buying a slightly worn blazer on eBay, Mercari, or at your local thrift store.

When browsing the listings on eBay, you can regularly find many popular Brooks Brothers blazers for well under $100 (typically in the $40 to $70 range).  Just be sure that you select the correct size before checking out.

Price: $40 to $70

5. Classic Style: Land’s End Hopsack Blazer

Land's End Men's Tailored Fit Hopsack Blazer

American clothing retailer Lands’ End offers wardrobe staples at an affordable price.  Their Hopsack Blazer, in particular, is an excellent choice if you are looking for that classic navy blazer with brass buttons. 

Made from wool and polyester blend, it is equally breathable and durable. In addition, the tailored fit of this blazer offers a bit more room in the midsection allowing for greater comfort.

Wear this with a nice pair of dress pants and you’re ready to take on the world.

Price: $155.95

6. Express Slim Performance Stretch Cotton Blazer

Express Slim Performance Stretch Cotton Blazer

Fashion retailer Express often has sales on blazers, with prices often under the $150 mark.  Many of their blazers are great for formal party wear (such as proms, homecomings, etc.), smart casual wear, and even interviewing.  

One blazer worth considering is the Slim Performance Stretch Cotton Blazer.  At $74, it’s a steal.  The blazer is available in short, regular, and long lengths and various chest sizes.

Price: $74.00

Consider the Following When Buying a Blazer

What color blazer should you purchase?

If it’s your first blazer, consider going with navy or black.  Both navy and black are timeless colors and can likely go with many of the existing items in your wardrobe.  Consider a pattern or earthy color if it’s a second or third blazer.

How do you plan on wearing your blazer?

If you plan to wear your blazer to work daily, consider buying one with cotton or wool as the primary fabric as it will be both breathable and comfortable. On the other hand, artificial materials such as polyester or nylon will be less susceptible to wrinkling but may cause an unpleasant “swooshing” sound when walking. 

Some companies may weave spandex into the fabric – this can provide a nice bit of stretch to the blazer. We cover all the different types of blazers should you want to learn more.

Make a trip to your local tailor.

No matter which blazer you end up purchasing, always take it to your local tailor, so it fits properly.  For typically under $50, your local tailor can fine-tune the blazer, so it perfectly fits your frame.  It’s a small investment that’ll pay dividends.

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